Changes to the Queensland WHS Regs – Working @ Heights in Construction

On 15 November 2013 amendments to the Work Health and Safety Regulation 2011 were introduced that provide additional information on specific control measures required when there is a risk of a fall of at least:

  • three metres in housing construction work; or
  • two metres in other construction work.

This includes the following sections of Chapter 6 (Construction Work), Part 6.3 (Duties of person conducting business or undertaking) Subdivision 2:

  • 306CRisk of fall of less than 3m in housing construction work or less than 2m in other construction work or construction work on roof with slope not over 26°;
  • 306D Risk of fall of at least 3m in housing construction work or at least 2m in other construction work or construction work on roof with a slope over 26°;
  • 306E Edge protection as control measure;
  • 306F Fall protection cover as control measure;
  • 306G Travel restraint system as control measure;
  • 306H Fall arresting platform as control measure;
  • 306I Fall arrest harness system as control measure; and
  • 306J Safety net as control measure.

SWMS are still required for all construction work (housing and commercial) that involves the risk of a person falling more than two metres (considered high risk construction work) . This requirement applies to all construction work, including housing construction.