How to choose a consultant: due dilligence

It seems these days every man and his dog are donning the “quality consultant” hat and, armed with a bundle of (often) plagerised manuals and documents approach the market offering to deliver quality (ISO9001), safety (AS4801) and environmental (ISO14001) management system solutions.

The old saying: you get what you pay for rings true in this situation and market new comers often short quote on the time and price associated with correctly undertaking the gap analysis, development, implementation, communication, internal auditing and filesmanagement review processes.

The business consultancy industry is not regulated so before you proceed with any consultant, you should always check:

  • consultant qualifications and industry experience,
  • knowledge of lean QMS to ensure your management system improves business performance and does not stifle growth,
  • whether they have implemented higher level management systems eg FSC Safety,
  • have 100% of their clients archived certification the first time, and
  • do they hold ISO 9001 certification themselves.

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