Danger Tags

Danger Tag Front Alas after much research and attempting to fit round pegs in square holes, the QAS team have developed and produced our own Danger Tags that are easy to use, and will seamlessly integrate with a Quality or Safety Management System (if required).

The tags come with the provision to identify the following criteria:

  • Tag Number
  • Equipment Type
  • Equipment Owner
  • Problem
  • Issuer Date
  • Issuer Name
  • Issuer Signature

How to use:

Let’s say the Site Supervisor picks up a Subcontractor with a damaged extension cord (for example, could be any type of faulty equipment) he or she is able to whip out a danger tag, cable tie it to the equipment and fill in details on the Tag and in the Danger Tag Register (click to download).

BackWhen the extension cord has been fixed, the Subcontractor returns it to the Site Supervisor, the tag is removed from the equipment, the tag wiped down (ready to re-use) and the Danger Tag Register updated accordingly.

EASY: no more faulty equipment “accidently” being used.

The tags come with a 2mm x 20 cm black cable tie so should be able to be attached to most equipment types.

Pricing is as follows:

  • New or existing QAS International client: FREE (limit of 20 per client)
  • 5 tags $15
  • 10 tags $25
  • 20 tags $40
  • over 20 tags $1.50 each

Postage is FREE to anywhere in Australia and all prices include GST.

Order Tags

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