How Long Will it Take & How Much Will It Cost To Attain ISO 9001 Certification?

How long will it take to get ISO 9001 certification? How much will it cost to get this certification? These questions are frequently asked and the answers to depends on a range of factors.

How long will it take to acquire the quality assurance ISO 9001 certification? This is a question which is frequently asked by business owners and managers that are looking to acquire QA certification.  According to the ISO 9001 quality assurance consultants, the answer to the question how long it will take before certification is achieved depends on range of various factors.  A 2007 study that was carried out in 2007 by Monash University found that 8 months was the average implementation timeframe, however, it this is variable depending on size and scope and scale of the business as well as the urgency of the certification.

Typically a small to medium sized firm can be certified in three to six months (with a firm commitment to the process), however if contractual requirements exist a system can be developed, implemented and audited in a shorter time frame. Larger organisations with more complex systems, or those which start from lower base line may need longer period of time.

The following factors will in one way or the other determine or influence the amount of time it will take to get ISO 9001 certification:

  • Senior Management Commitment: one of the principles of the ISO 9001 certification is leadership and the organisation’s leadership must be committed to quality. Senior Management commitment is a the key requirement in the certification process and if it doesn’t come from the top then QA compliance will always be an effort, not part of normal business operations.
  • Your present status: where is the business at the moment? Does it have an ISO 9001 quality assurance system in place? The ISO      9001 consultants at QAS International can conduct a Gap Analysis to determine your current level of compliance and suggest ways, practices or systems that you should adopt to meet ISO9001 certification requirements.
  • The culture in the organization. If your organisation embraces quality culture, then you are already moving in the right direction.

About ISO 9001 certification cost…again, this is dependent on a number of factors. QAS International can provide a Fee Proposal (outside estimate) based on information on your organisation and our past experience with similar organisations. Generally speaking, there are two kinds of costs which are involved. These are the costs that are associated with preparation to ISO 9001 standard and the cost of the certification audit (JAS-ANZ accredited third party auditor).  Note: QAS International are ISO Consultants and as such work with organisations to develop and prepare management systems to the point where they can be audited by a certification authority. Certification requires and audit by an independent third party authority, hence we do not issue compliance certificates.