Management System Maintenance Services

An increasing number of organisations are realising the benefits of having access to professional expertise that they can rely on to provide a regular business management system maintenance service – rather like having a highly professional system manager that works for the organisation on a part time – as needed basis.

Few organisations can afford to have an experienced full time Quality, Safety, Environmental or Food Safety Manager. QAS International offer a cost-effective management system maintenance service, which provides benefits such as:

  • cost savings compared to full time personnel and associated training;
  • competency levels: typically the staff member filling Management Systems Manager role either does not have the necessary competencies and experience, or is simply not fully committed to the role. QAS International consultants are competent and experienced in the Management System Standards and how they should be applied for the benefit of the business;
  • allowing your existing staff to do what they are good at and remain focused on their primary role will be more beneficial to the organisation;
  • staff who had little training and are not experienced in the Management Systems Manager role will not do a good job and accordingly your business will not realise its full potential; whereas a part time QAS International consultant will be quick to identify improvement opportunities that will benefit your business;
  • systems will ‘fall over’, when the staff member in the Management Systems Manager role leaves the organisation; whereas, QAS International will be a constant and maintain business management system constant and at their peak.
  • all too often when management systems are first developed, the focus is solely to achieve certification with little regard on achieving improvements. When this occurs, certification may be achieved but without the benefits of improvements that can really benefit an organisation/business, the end result being a management system that is not value-adding and may becomes a burden to maintain.

A QAS International Consultant can take on the role of your Management Systems Manager on a part-time basis and this will provide you with the following benefits:

  • improved profitability, through improved and more effective system management, and making the best use of individual skills;
  • reduced system management costs, by not having to train and retrain staff in the role of Management Systems Manager, and not waste time wondering what Management System requirements should be actioned and when;
  • access to high calibre, professional and focused management system expertise;
  • long term stability in the Management Systems Manager role;
  • no worries when it comes to the annual external audit (ie, peace of mind in knowing that Certification will be maintained); and
  • continual improvement of your business management systems.

We are provide a part time management system maintenance service for an increasing number of organisations/businesses, many of whom only require between half to two days assistance per month to maintain and improve their management systems. Contact us for more information or a Fee Proposal.