Releases of New Draft ISO Health and Safety Standard

To date, there has not been an official ISO management system standard for health and safety that is equivalent to say, ISO 9001 for ‘Quality’, or ISO 14001 for ‘Environment’. That is all about to change with the new ISO 45001 standard in the pipeline.


There are reportedly 50 countries and international organisations, including the International Labour Organization, involved in the development work. The new standard is being based on the British Standard BS/OHSAS 18001, and will also fit in with the  new ISO “high level structure” (common clause sequence, common core text, common terms and definitions) that is being applied across all the key management system standards as they are introduced or updated.


The ISO health and safety project committee has just released a ‘Committee Draft’ of ISO 45001. A final draft will be issued in 2015, with the full standard expected in October 2016. The ISO 9001 quality and ISO 14001 environmental management standards are scheduled to be updated in 2015.