Some Frequently Asked Questions About ISO 9001 certification

Many organizations across the world are proud of their ISO certification and are proud to display the certification banner in their websites. The following are some of the FAQs about this international standard.

 What is ISO 9001?

ISO 9001 can be defined as an international quality standard. (ISO) International Organization for Standardization, a global federation of more than 130 standard bodies of different countries.  The ISO 9001 certification will among other benefits get the quality management system in your organization recognized all over the world. 

Which organizations can apply the ISO 9001 standard?

quality management system can be applied to any organization regardless of its type or size.  Therefore, it can be applied to small family run business just the way it can be applied to government institutions and large corporations.  The ISO 9001 standard provides structured but flexible framework for business management system which is customer focused and should always provide improvements in the performance of business.

What are the principles on which ISO 9001 is based?

The following are the eight principles on which ISO 9001 quality standards are based

  • Customer focused service
  • Quality leadership
  • People involvement
  • Ensuring process approach
  • Systematic management approach
  • Factual decision making approach
  • Supplier relations which are mutually beneficial
  • Continuous improvement

If you are in the process of positioning your business for this standard certification, QAS International ISO 9001 consultants can conduct a Gap Analysis and audit your business processes and help restructure them to meet the minimum standards.

What are the benefits of the ISO 9001 certification?

The following are some of the many benefits of ISO 9001 implementation.

  • Customer satisfaction:  the quality standards of this certification will help increase the customer satisfaction of your services and products because of their high quality and involving them in the business processes.
  • Reduced operation costs:  your business will benefit from the continuous improvement of operation and production process. The reduced costs of operation can help increase revenues and the bottom line (the net profits).
  • Improved relationships with the stakeholders: the inclusion of suppliers, customers and staffs in the formulation of various business policies and processes will improve relations will help boost relationships with them.
  • Legal compliance: the standard certification will help you gain better understanding of the regulatory and statutory requirements and the way in which they impact they impact on your organization and your customers at large.
  • Improved management or risk: every business, whether small or large is faced by some risks. The ISO 9001 quality assurance consultants will help you improve the management of the risks which face the business and minimize them where that is possible. This is possible through increased consistency and traceability of services and services.
  • Proven business credentials: this possible because of the independent verification which is offered against standards which are recognized globally.
  • Ability of winning more businesses: this is of great importance and relevance in cases where the specifications of procurement require ISO 9001 certification as one of the conditions which must be compiled with. 


In short, the ISO 9001 standard covers all the aspects of the activities of an organization including the identification of  the business key processes, defining objectives and policies, roles and responsibilities, requirements of documentation, emphasizing the benefits or importance of not only understanding but also meeting the requirements of customer, resource requirements, communication, etc.  It is a global standard designed to provide 360feedback to ensure adherence to, and effectiveness of the Plan Do Check Act cycle.

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