Update on ISO/DIS 14001:2014

lawnISO has now published the Draft International Standard (DIS) for ISO 14001, the world’s most widely adopted international Environment Management System (EMS) Standard. The Draft Standard incorporates Annex SL, which is the high level structure and common text for all new and revised ISO management system standards.
ISO/DIS 14001:2014 introduces consideration of controls over outsourced processes, which relates to the environmental aspects and risks and opportunities that can be controlled or influenced using a life cycle perspective. The requirements cover supplier and contractor communications, the design of products and services, and during use and end of life treatment.
There will be a greater focus on how companies’ products or services impact from a lifecycle perspective. This, however, does not mean lifecycle analysis. Companies will need to look at how they can control or influence their products or services, which could potentially impact on the environment, including such things as: outsourcing of processes/services; sourcing raw materials, and what’s going to happen to products at the end of their life cycle.
The revised ISO 14001 is expected to be published by the end of 2015 and organisations will have a three-year transition period from the current Standard to the new version of the Standard.