When is QAS International NOT QAS International

QAS International PTY LTD (Australia) have been providing business consultancy services in Australia, Asia and the Pacific for the last twenty years.

We are not certifiers, and we do not issue certificates of compliance against ISO and Australian Standards.

What we do is prepare organisations for certification by developing, implementing and internally auditing management systems. and leave the independent third party audits to JAS-ANZ (http://www.jas-anz.com.au/) accredited organisations.

It appears as though a UK based firm, also known as QAS International have commenced operations in Australia, providing both consultancy and  certifications for companies.

The UK based firm website can be found at http://www.qas-international.com/ and our website is at www.qasinternational.com so it is not surprising there may be some confusion.

Please note that we have absolutely no affiliation with this company at all. They are NOT registered with JAS-ANZ and as such should not be issuing certificates of compliance in Australia.

Additionally we are in communications with Australian Securities and Investments Commission in relation to this matter.