Woolworths QA (WQA) Version 8

With the release of WQA Standard Version 8 all Woolworths suppliers (large or small) must be compliant by 03 June 2013.

Some of the changes include requirements to ensure:

  • at least one person is trained in, and is able to show competency in HACCP,
  • at least one staff representative is formally trained in the use of the latest version of VITAL where VITAL allergen labelling is required (WW product), and
  • documented Risk Assessments are performed for all supplier inputs.

To elaborate on the last point above: this means that a documented risk assessment must be carried out to assess each purchased input (or group of similar inputs) for safety, quality or regulatory hazards.

The minimum risk assessment criteria include:

  • the level and type of processing that is applied to the purchased input,
  • the format of the raw material,
  • the direct affect the quality of the input has on the quality of the finished product,
  • risks which may have a direct impact on finished product safety and quality including allergen content or cross contamination, microbiological loading, chemical contamination and foreign object contamination,
  • the volume and/or frequency of the purchased input,
  • the inherent safety of the product or service, and
  • the geographical origin of the raw material.

The WQA Version 8 can be downloaded by CLICKING HERE and for more information on WQA and Risk Assessments CONTACT US